Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Purple
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Orange
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Blue
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Pink
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Green
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Red
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Black
Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness - Pink

Reflective Night Time Safety Dog Harness

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  • Protect your dogs at night with this reflective collar name dog harness.
  • It fits so comfortable and secure on your furry little friend, they will love it.
  • Pet Friendly - This name dog harness is designed with scientific breakthrough technologies to ensure your dog extreme comfort even during long durations of use.
  • Striking and Safe - Comes with reflective knit line on the nylon belt so that your pet dog can be easily noticed at night.
  • Uses a metal ring to connect with your dog leash that will last a very long time unlike the harnesses that use fabric or plastic and often break easily and don't last.
  • Use the safety handle on top of the harness for your large and extra large dogs if necessary to give you more control of your dog(s) to keep them safe, or use the handle to help you with your dog training and even comes in handy for emergency situations.
  • This reflective collar name dog harness is durable, wear resistant & made of 100% nylon material with soft webbing and good extension.



  1. Reflective Collar
  2. Breakaway Technology
  3. Quick Release Clip
  4. Reliability
  5. Safety Handle
  6. Metal Ring
  7. Comfortable
  8. Four Color Options
  9. Lightweight
  10. Nighttime Safety Name Dog Harness for Walking your Dog(s)


Product Information:

  • Pet Type: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Dogs
  • Product Type:  Reflective Collar Name Dog Harness
  • Material:  100% Nylon
  • Size:  XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL
  • Colors:  Purple, Orange, Blue, Rose Red, Green, Red, Black and Pink
  • Season:  Use for All Seasons
  • Keywords: Name Dog Harness, Pet Products, Pet Supplies

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