Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter
Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter
Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter
Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter
Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter
Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter

The Best Portable Power Bank Jump Starter

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  • The best portable power bank jump starter.
  • Dual USB mini external battery bank with 5400mah charging capacity.
  • Use it for charging up all your electronic devices when your on the go.
  • It's high capacity makes it the perfect tool for long road trips, everyone keeps their sanity with charged devices keeping them entertained all trip long.
  • Then my favorite feature has to be the ability to jump start your car, which may be a rare event but it does happen and this power bank could save your life, or on a less dramatic note, it could definitely save your road trip from a rocky start.
  • Plus if your anything like me you know that darn battery will decide to take a dump on you the one day you decided to take the jumper cables out the back for what now seems to be a pretty stupid move.
  • But wait, no need to worry, you knew this was gonna happen, right?
  • That's why you need to get the best portable power bank jump starter right now. 
  • It's time for you to become the hero on your life journey, secure yours today before we run out and why they're still on sale.

Product Info:

  • We have 5 colors available: Red, Blue, Black, Yellow & White
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • The smallest and lightest portable starter power bank in today's market.
  • High power battery that supports fast charging, low self-discharge, cycles can reach 1000 times.
  • Compatible with 12V vehicle starting and charging for various mobile phones, PSP, MP3 / MP4, tablet, Smartphones, PDA, laptop, laptop.
  • When charging, the indicator lights will flash one by one. The number of sliding indicator lights indicates the bank's battery capacity.
  • The multiple safety protection design ensures that the starter has no defects.



    1. Do not reverse the starter operating sequence.
    2. Do not use the starter to start the vehicle if the number of indications or lights are less than 3 to protect the jump start from damage.
    3. Remove the starter from the vehicle's battery within 30 seconds after the vehicle has started
    4. Special precautions of Auto EPS.


    What you get:

    • 1 x car starter battery
    • 1 x 4-pin USB charging cable
    • 1x clamps
    • 1x User Manual

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